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Notification indicator takes too long to update



  • I've used the extension on numerous different system - at least 3 just recently - and the problem is always the same (so I don't think uninstalling and reinstalling would make any difference).

    If I individually read each of the unread messages within the checker popup then they get properly cleared and the problem does not occur.

    Clicking on 'mark as read' on the individual messages is the same, to my surprise - it properly dismisses the notification. That's odd that marking all via one button has the problem and via the individual message's buttons does not.

    On this last point I've just done one quick test just now, I'll test it more thoroughly tomorrow and confirm.

  • ok that's good news, as that would definitely narrow the issue down to that precise button, let me know... fyi i pushed regular updates almost weekly, so just for testing i would definitely recommend a reinstall on at least one of them just to confirm the issue still exists.

  • Ok, I can confirm what I wrote above: the problem is only with the 'mark all as read' button. Hopefully that makes it easier to find the problem.

  • ok that's great info, have you tried reinstalling and using the default settings just to see if the issue persists.

    can I also ask which labels are you monitoring in the options?

  • No, I haven't tried reinstalling yet.

    As for the labels, here is from the last time we discussed this

    "The only account/label I have checked is my 'inbox', which is odd because it also shows me notifications for messages that skip my inbox.

    I have a gmail filter setup to for messages from some site to skip the inbox and apply a label, and yet checker plus is handling them as if they were in the inbox."

    After discovering that, I tried monitoring that other label (hoping that might help with the bug) but the problem is the same either way.

  • edited April 2020

    Have you gotten around to reinstalling the extension and using the default settings? this includes not using the realtime and not changing any labels choices, default is inbox.

  • You seem to be suggesting that I uninstall it on just one machine - I'm not sure how to do that. If I uninstall it on my account on one machine won't it uninstall everywhere?

    And I"m not clear on why installing it on a fresh machine - which I would have last done a couple of months ago and where it behaves the same as on all the others - would not achieve the test result you are after.

    I guess you mean you want me to uninstall it across all my machines and reset all my settings.

    At this point, given that I did a bunch of work seven months ago and nothing came of it, I'm quite uncomfortable with the amount of time I've put in, not knowing if it will result in any change. Yes, I appreciate that you've now put in considerable effort too, but not as much as me, and you are the developer! I feel like I've gone above and beyond in trying to help isolate this problem.

    So, I would rather now just drop the whole thing - I just can't spend any more time on it.

  • edited April 2020

    ok I totally understand, we have both have put too much time into this issue that is not affecting too many users at this point.

    I will state that 90% of the time a reinstall of the extension resolves the issue, in fact it's the number 1 suggestion for many extension developers, hence why I place the warning before users submit issues. Issues arise rise due to Chrome extension updates breaking or simply not being performed.

  • And I guess you are saying that installing on new machines, but on the same account, is not sufficient - it requires to be uninstalled and reset across a person's account, which is too bad because for stuff with a lot of settings that is a hassle.

    I can't remember whether I went through it the previous time I went through all this, but I would say that, if it solves the problem 90% of the time, I think it should have been the first thing you got me to do. Yes, I note your point that you have it listed as a warning, but never-the-less, with your comment that it fixed it 90% of the time, I'm certainly more upset about having spent so much time following all your other requests, and the 7 months of waiting for the fix to appear.

  • I deal with about 5 different issues/people per day. I do my best trying to follow up every single issue. In fact I pushed updates almost weekly for fixes and features. I'm sorry this one slipped through the cracks because one only other person with this issue did not respond. I have asked you a couple of times about the reinstall, but you were very reluctant so I persisted debugging with you, even with the chance that could all be in mute, if the reinstall fixed it. I cannot guarantee it will fix it, but at this point I have run out of resources to fix higher priority issues. You can see the multiple issues I'm working on simultaneously here just this week https://jasonsavard.com/forum/profile/comments/Jason

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