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Notification indicator takes too long to update

Following up from

It has been like this for as long as I can remember so I know that restarting browser won't fix it. I mark as read both ways. Perhaps it is only happening when I use one of these two methods? I will watch it more closely now to see.

I'm using two computers, both with Chrome stable, and it is happening on both of them.


  • ok let me know any details and specific click actions to reproduce it, so i can better investigate and replicate it on my end

  • Ok, I have a clearer understanding now.

    It's not that the unread indication (the icon being red and having a non-zero number badge) STAYS on after I use the 'mark all as read' command, rather the indicator turns off but then erroneously turns back on several seconds later. This happens consistently on my 2 laptops.

    I have attached the console log for the popup window that shows no unread emails (which is correct) though the icon is red and has a badge.

  • So the unread count is incorrect after marking an email as read?

    How many unread emails do you have?

    Which detection method are you using? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • I'm using "Add Accounts and stay signed in" so that I can use the "real time" polling so that it uses the push notifications instead of polling.

    The number of unread emails is usually between 1 and 4. For example, let's say it is 3, and I then click the mark-all-as-read action. The icon goes grey and the badge disappears, but then several seconds later the icon goes back to red with the '3' badge. If I click on the icon again, it correctly displays no messages (they were all marked as read).

    Eventually this mismatch resolves itself: the icon goes back to grey and the badge disappears.

  • ok thanks and can you let me know which labels you are monitoring the options > accounts/labels, this will help me replicate the scenario on my end.

    As well which button are you using to perform this mark all as read action?

  • The only account/label I have checked is my 'inbox', which is odd because it also shows me notifications for messages that skip my inbox.

    I have a gmail filter setup to for messages from some site to skip the inbox and apply a label, and yet checker plus is handling them as if they were in the inbox.

    To mark them as read I use the button on the grey bar on your popup. I think it says 'mark all as read' but I can't see it now because it disappears when there are no messages.

  • I wonder whether checker turns on the indicator because of those messages that are supposed to skip the inbox (maybe Google's API has them temporarily in the inbox before apply my filter), but then when I click 'mark all as read' it doesn't actually mark those messages as read because they are no longer in the inbox. I'll have to keep a closer eye on those (I get lots of them).

  • No, that last observation was a red herring. There is an issue there - it shouldn't be showing me those emails given that my filter causes them to "skip the inbox" but that is not related to the problem being discussed here.

    But I do have a new observation: the problem only happens when I clear list of messages in your popup via the main 'mark all as read' button. If I instead open the message(s) - indirectly causing them to be marked as read - then the problem does not occur.

  • ok that's a great clue, i'll queue this for investigation.

  • Having the same issues as Tom here as well. When will this be resolved. I see there has been no updates already for past 3 weeks. Top portion is when I try to delete the email and then recheck it again and the email still appears to be there when in reality it has been deleted when I go to the actual email through the website.

  • @Valeriy Nechayev are you using the mark all as read button like tom?

    And does this issue happen all the time or sometimes?

  • At Least a few times a day. I have tried that"mark all as read", and also deleting e-mails.

  • @Valeriy Nechayev Can you send me the background error logs next time it happens https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

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