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Suggest, auto close popup window after all mail in inbox are read and archived.

It's convenience to auto close the popup window opened by click mail notifications.


  • Interesting it's a good suggestion, i'll note it for development, thanks.

  • I would like to add a related suggestion/observation.

    When I mark all the mail in the inbox as read and close the popup, the unread mail indicator (the red number) does not get updated for a while.

    I guess I have a short attention span because this fools me - a couple minutes later I think it indicates a new email, but it just hasn't been updated yet.

  • I'm using "Add Accounts and stay signed in" so that I can use the "real time" polling so that it uses the push notifications instead of polling.

  • @Tom Can you create a new thread and respond to this: i just tested by marking an email as read and the number updated immediately, have you restart the browser recently? are you marking as read through the top popup window or the notification window.

  • @舟坤 Are you using the regular popup window or the popout window? https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popout

  • edited April 2020

    It don't work for me,also notification is not close after 30 seconds.

    Can someone help me ?

  • @Illia Helilenko It looks like you are using the Yandex browser, which I don't support. Can you try using the stable Chrome version.

  • @Jason ok,thanks for quick reply, ill try Chrome and let you know.

    Why you don`t support Yandex, it's have the same engine Chromium .

  • @Illia Helilenko They have small differences which can lead to bugs such as this one. I'm already supporting Chrome, Firefox and Edge and they take a lot of my time.

  • @Jason I see, nevertheless thanx for your job, i have checked notification at Chrome and there it working properly.

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