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Pop up after creating new events?

When creating new events through the browser bar or right click, would it be possible to produce a pop-up that allows us to edit the event? I invariably want to add information and this would make it much faster...



  • There should be a confirmation notification that you can click to edit the event.

  • I see it, but it often comes and goes too quickly for me to catch it. Is it possible for the pop-up to happen in the same tab/window?

  • How long does it show up? I can work on extending the delay, but i cannot interact with random tabs for security reasons.

  • Not sure, but it's fast enough that I have to remember to start moving my mouse to the bottom right of the screen the second I hit enter or I won't get there in time.

    Even an extra 2 seconds would help. Perhaps make it a configurable option? Because I would like it to stick around extra long, or perhaps even stay up until dismissed like the notifications.

    Speaking of which, why not make it work the same way as notifications?

  • So I believe in most scenarios the user quickly creates the event and does not have to edit the event, therefore eliminating the need the take further actions such as dismissing the notification. I will look into extending the delay before closing as a compromise to both use cases.

  • I agree that's the common case, but could you then make it configurable via the settings?

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