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Getting Type error and cant seem to see any emails

TypeError: Cannot read property 'append' of undefined at Account.getError (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/account.js:979:23) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:3374:66 at asyncForEach (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/common.js:4919:15) at renderAccounts (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:3353:11) at async init (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:5191:9)


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