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Custom Notifications Per Event

From what I can tell, your extension (in the configuration) requires user to set a standard notification duration (n minutes, days, etc.) for ALL events on a per calendar basis. Is there an option for the extension to use the notification scheme which is defined in the event itself? i.e. Your notification dialogue would appear 1 hour ahead for event X and 14 days ahead for event Y (assuming that is how the notifications were set in event X vs. Y).


  • Yes, just like Google calendar when you click a day to enter an event you can choose the notification times for that event.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think I explained my question properly.


    1) Start with an existing Google Calendar with hundreds of events, each already set with various custom notifications (e.g. 15 min., 1 hour, 1 day, 15 days or what have you).

    2) Install Checker Plus extension

    3) The configuration asks you to set a notification interval for each calendar, which applies to all events.

    4) I actually did this (happened to choose 10 minutes) and it reset all of my Google Events to 10 minute notifications, overwriting my custom notification settings for each event (fortunately, I was using a synced calendar and my source is not corrupted; otherwise, this would have been a disaster).

    My question is whether I can start with #1 above and then use your extension in such a way where I do NOT need to set a standard notification per calendar and instead your extension will show notification dialogues based on the data inherent in my Google Calendar (i.e. honor all the existing notification settings on a per event basis).

    Hope this is more clear now.

  • For #3 you keep saying "asks" but you can ignore setting the notifications per calendar. However if you did and happened to have modified the event notifications, than that's a bug, can you identify which extension version you are running?

  • After playing with your extension further, it appears that it works as I would expect. The wizard flow on initial install threw me off because I did not fully understand how the notification per calendar setting worked (I later saw that option directly in G Cal as well - I initially thought it was specific to your extension). So, I don't think there is any bug.

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