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Half of the window is empty til account menu is open

Since a couple of days when I open the Checker Plus preview window I only see less than two previous emails with the scroll bar taking up maybe the top half of the window. The bottom half is empty.

If I click on the hamburger icon next to my account, the window all of the sudden fills up with the "missing" email previews (along with the expected menu items). If I click away, the email previews stay as they're supposed to be, but I still see the "tap" circle overlay on the hamburger icon.

I'm on v.21.6.2 using Chrome on Windows 10.


  • Yes, it is the same bug indeed. Not only on Brave but Chrome as well, I guess.

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled the extension. I wanted to use the load/save options to export my settings, but it didn't work. Maybe when I uninstalled the extension the settings were also deleted remotely? I wasn't able to restore them (something like "nothing found") despite I had clicked save before. Annoying to have to set everything up manually again.

    Why not just have the option to export/import the settings backup file locally?

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