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Allow creation of a repeating event w/o opening GCal

Would it be possible to add a feature when creating event that allows you to input if the event is a repeating event, and if so how often to repeat?

One of the things that drove me crazy about google's chrome extension is that they force you to open google calendar each time you want to create a repeating event (most of my events are repeating, so in my case almost every time I create an event I run into this).

Is there any way to incorporate this functionality into your chrome extension?


  • So yes, however, it requires lots of new UI options and logic, since repeating events have many many options involved in terms of frequency, days of week ending time etc. I may begin with the yearly option. Let me know what is your most frequent repeating option for an event?

    Also it's not very commonly used by your average user, hence why it's been on the back burner.

  • Probably the best solution IMO is to have something similar to google calendar's "custom recurrence" UI.

    Something that would allow someone to customize the interval with a dropdown menu (week month year) and then define which points upon that interval (in case of week which days, in case of month which days of the month etc), etc.

    Personally, the one I use almost invariably is the weekly repeat option, but customized for particular days.

  • Hi Jason, not to nudge as I know you are extremely busy. Just want to know if any further thought has been given to this?

    Thank you again for your wonderful app, I am enjoying it more and more.

  • edited about four months ago

    So every 2 months I fix the minor bugs and review the suggestions for possible development. Currently i'm working on a major rehaul of the extension so it does not persistent in memory when it's not in use, once that's done i'll look over the top suggestions and see which ones I can squeeze in. Note I have to do this process for each of my extensions, and depending on the complexity of the suggestion I may have to push it if too many bugs have accumulated.

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