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Ugly salmon color events new?

This seems very new, but I can't stand the salmon (pink-red) color all my events are highlighted in. This color makes it look like something is wrong as red usually indicates errors of some kind. I've been trying to figure out how to change the color, but I can't. Can someone point me to the right thing?


  • Oh, I see that I can change event colors now. How do I change the default? I never want to see this color again!!!

  • All colors should reflect as close as possible the colors in your Google Calendar account, if you change them in Google Calendar they should sync instantly, if not you can use the refresh button in the popup window.

  • Okay thanks. I don't know when/how that could have happened, but I have changed it now. Didn't realize it needed to be changed in Google Calendar directly. I try not to use that, as I use your awesome app whenever possible instead!

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