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Emails with addresses fail to be made links with non-ASCII characters

For example if an email contains the following address:

Mustermannstraße 20

DE-10000 Berlin

The whole address will be linked with the exception of the ß character.


  • hmm I don't think my extension makes any links out of street addresses, are you speaking inside of Gmail or inside the context of my extension windows?

  • It occurs only inside the extension window.

  • Can you send me a screenshot.

    Do you have other extensions that might be doing this?

  • Thanks for the screenshot, and what does the same email look like in the Gmail website?

    Also i noticed you are using an advanced Chrome version that might be contributing to the issue.

  • It looks similar, except for the address link. Using the stable version of Chrome also has the issue.

  • ok i'll queue it for investigation thanks.

  • sorry, it appears the screenshot disappeared, can you send it again if the error occurs again

  • This is a different screenshot, but it shows the same problem:

    This is how it looks in Gmail:

  • edited October 2019

    I just tested it and seems to work for me, is it possibly related to your system settings or font?

    or did you select any skins or themes from my extension?

  • I don't think the problem is with normal links, the problem is addresses in Gmail are not links but in the extension they are links.

    I will send you the complete email.

  • edited October 2019

    Works for me, I have to assume it's related to your OS or Chrome or font settings.

    (image showing it worked from jason's end, but removed for user)

  • edited October 2019

    I will do additional testing, perhaps the locale has something to do with it but due to the address being separated into multiple DOM elements I'm not so sure that a browser or OS setting could affect this.

    You mentioned in your first reply that the extension does not make links out of addresses, but in the screenshot the address has been turned into a link.

  • Looking at how this extension works, the issue can be reproduced within Gmail by opening an email in print mode.

  • ok, thanks for determining the route cause, a workaround would be to use the manual add method https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

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