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get notified whendocument is uploaded into a folder in google drive

HI im looking to be able to share a folder with someone and that the person that im sharing it with should get notified if i upload a document to that folder is that currently possible ?

if not! would that be something that you would be able to implement?



  • you will get notified of modifications to files inside folders, not to the initial creation of files.
    but it's a good suggestion if this thread gets more attention i will look into it
  • hi im willing to pay you if you can please implement it  please contact me at nachmanweiss@gmail.com
  • Sorry, I'm not for hire, if the demand is high enough for this feature I will do it for free.
  • please see this post there are a few hundred requests
  • edited about five years ago
    You win!

    You convinced me that the demand was there, so I have added the feature in my latest version 5.5 - you will have to uninstall and re-install the extension to force the update because I only pushed it to 5% of my users to test it on them.

    i'm guessing there will be many other related requests related to which folders to monitor etc, but let's see how it goes for now :)
  • Thanks for updating   i just want to clarify that you understand what im looking for    i share with my customer a certain folder and every time i want to send him his invoices i upload them to that specific folder      i would like that the person that the folder is shared with   He should get notified whenever i upload invoices etc  to that folder    with the latest update is that currently possible?

  • I think that should work, I share a folder with my girlfriend and I tested creating a new document in the shared folder, and 30minutes later she got a notification of the new file.
    Try it out and let me know if it works for uploads also.
  • HI Thanks for the quick response   but i did try to test it out and the person that im sharing the folder with isn't receiving any email      perhaps im not doing something correctly ?

  • ah, all my extensions use only desktop notifications, they do not send emails - more info http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Desktop_notifications
  • so is this something that you wont be willing to work on?  even if i pay you ?
  • Correct. Especially because "emailing" is exactly what my extensions replace with "notifications" which provide a cleaner inbox and quick response actions.
    For instance my calendar extension replaces the need to be "emailed" for every event and instead you are provided with notifications which you can quickly snooze or dismiss etc.
  • Hii.. Is it possible to get notified in mobile devices.. 
  • @gopi.g If you are able to install Chrome extensions on your Chrome mobile browser than yes. But you will have to investigate that possibility on your particular device.
  • Hi! I downloaded this exclusively for this feature--getting notified of uploads to a shared folder. When a document is uploaded to a shared folder, eventually the extension lights up with the number of uploads, and when I click on it, the "incoming" folder will be in bold with the number of new uploads in parenthesis, but there doesn't seem to be any way to tell which folders the uploads were made to. Is there any way to tell which folder the upload has been made to?
  • I'm trying to mimic what the web version of Google Drive does https://drive.google.com/drive/#incoming
    and it doesn't seem to identify the folders either, but I could take this as a suggestion.
  • Hi, thanks for the plugin! Is there a way to limit the notifications to a specific folder or set of folders? I just want to be notified when files in a certain folder get updated or uploaded.


  • @andrew.iskandar

    yup, i'm working on exactly that, will be in the next version
  • Great! Thanks for your work! Is there an timeframe for the next version? Next month, next couple months? 
  • @andrew.iskandar

    it's actually already developed on my instance, but i'm waiting for a polymer framework update - should be a couple of weeks
  • Here is a free Google Script will send an email notification to you or other email addresses when a file in a Google folder has been added, or modified. http://baumbach.com/google-script-2/
  • @WilliamBaumbach Thanks for this, have a few noob questions about your script that I PM'd you about, if you could answer these it would be great.

    Thanks again :-)
  • @WilliamBaumbach Works great! Thanks for this William! 
  • edited about two years ago
    Hi there, I recently installed this add-on, specifically so that I could use the feature that provides notification of files moved into "monitored" folders. However, I have not been receiving any notifications when I move files (from another gmail account) into my monitored folder.

    Also, interestingly, the option to access my notifications from the left hand navigation  (underneath 'Starred') seems to have disappeared. It was there when I installed it, but now it is gone. (Though even after I had moved files into that monitored folder, it indicated that there were no files in 'Notifications.')

    Please advise. Thank you!
  • @AndreaSeverin The notifications menu disappears if you have cleared your notifications or simply don't have any. As for the move files issue, is it only when you move files into that folder? have you received notifications for other files in that folder previously? And just to confirm is that folder being explicitly monitored with a Bell icon beside? (is it that Reviewed folder?)
  • Thanks for the speedy reply! Yes, that Reviewed folder is being explicitly monitored with a Bell icon. However, I have not received any notifications previously.
  • @AndreaSeverin What have you checked in the options concerning the only include notifications in my drive... and can you try testing the notification by clicking the Bell next to the Close notification option.

  • When I click the bell, a notification appears in the bottom right corner. And I've attached a screenshot of my settings page.
  • @AndreaSeverin Out of curiosity are the files you moved into at that folder from "another gmail account" is that other account yours also? Note: That there is a polling interval of about 5 minutes for the notification to appear. Can you show me the contents inside the "Reviewed" folder are they files directly beneath that folder level?
  • Yes, the other gmail account is mine, too. 

    They are documents directly beneath the Reviewed folder. I took a screen shot.

    Thanks again for helping me sort through this!

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