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reminder pop up

Hi Jason - when I start my computer in the morning, my reminder popups have ceased to function automatically. Beforehand, they would always automatically appear in a box on my screen when I would start up my computer and open Chrome. Recently, that has quit working. I uninstalled and reinstalled your extension, thinking that would fix it, bit it did not. I use the "desktop notifications" "Popup window". Please let me know your thoughts, thanks! Lucien



  • Can you let me know if it still works with popup reminder window?

  • I thought that it is what it is...screen shot attached. Below is the popup box that used to appear when I would start my computer everyday. Most of my events are "all day" and I have them set for 12am so in the morning I have a "list" (as below)

  • So there is an expiration for old events, were theses relatively old events like 2 weeks or more?

  • no, everything is current. I clear everything everyday. Some are repeating, others not.

  • So does the extension still work for new reminders? or just when you start the computer there is an issue?

  • it works for all reminders, including new ones. So if I set a reminder for 5 minutes from now, it will work. It quit working in the mornings, when I log into my computer and open Chrome. Previously, the popup box with reminders would automatically open upon login to my computer, and show me all of my reminders first thing in the morning, past and present. Now I have to remember to go to the "calendar icon" in the chrome tool bar, click it, then click on the "yellow bell" and then the popup box presents itself with all of my reminders. So now it is manual, instead of automated.

  • ok thanks for the details, just to confirm does this issue happen with both options? the rich notification and popup window?

  • I would have no way of knowing the answer to your question, since I only use the one type of notification that I presented to you in the print screen, and this only happens first thing in the morning when I log into my computer and execute the chrome browser.

  • Oops i thought you said you were using rich notification (when i read desktop notification) my fault.

    Can you tell me which extension version you have?

  • Are you able to reproduce the issue, if you leave a reminders window open and then close and reopen the browser. Does the reminder window return?

  • No, the reminder window does not return upon closing and opening the browser.

  • Ok, however you said you notice upon a restart that yellow swinging bell exists in the top popup window?

  • yes, that is the ONLY way I can get to my notices 1st thing in the morning. I have to click on the bell and then the popup window with all my notices will appear on my screen.

  • ok thanks for the details, can you verify if there any errors in the "background" logs and send them to me https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • where do I find the "background" logs?

  • use the link i sent, i added "background" to the FAQ

  • edited about four months ago

    file extension "not allowed" in trying to attach here. Sent via email

  • ok thanks, i got the logs and i also fixed the not allowed issue.

    so i only saw one error in the logs and i'm curious if that comes up everytime you restart the browser. (Unchecked runtime.lastError: No window with id: 1257)

    i also noticed your using chrome 75 can you try updating to 76 just to make sure that's not interefering.

  • I updated my chrome browser. Tomorrow morning when I log into my desktop computer, I'll let you know if it works, thanks.

  • It did not work. I logged into my computer, opened up my chrome browser, and the popup box with all my reminders has never popped up. When it was "working" in the past, it would be open and popped up on my screen before I opened chrome, so it must have been "running" in the background.

  • Ok thanks trying the chrome update.

    I confirm it's still working for me, but i'm on a different version that I plan to release soon, hopefully it contains this fix, as I've made several code improvements.

  • do you ever think you will make this "sync" between two computers? When I clear all my "events" during the day on my work computer (a desktop), and then in the evening I start up my laptop, all the events I've cleared during the day on my desktop reappear in my laptop reminder popup box, as though I had never "checked" them off during the day.

  • it's been suggested, but this would still not prevent native notifications from google calendar on android.

  • I am not trying to "prevent native notifications from google calendar on android", so I'm unclear as to what you are trying to communicate. I use Windows 10 computers, and Checker Plus for google calendar, that's it. However, when I clear an event through your notification "popup", it doesn't really clear it. I can then go to another computer, and all the events I cleared on the first computer reappear on the second computer. For example, I will not be on my office computer all weekend, however I will be using my laptop computer all weekend. I will clear events/calendar items throughout the weekend, and when I return to my office computer on Monday morning, I will have to clear ALL of the items again, to get rid of them permanently.

  • Yes I understand my point is users will probably expect a dismiss events across all apps/devices, which I won't be able to do. I'll look into it, one thing I introduced recently is the option to move events when you snooze them, this action does get synced across all apps/devices because the event time is modified.

  • wonderful! How do I "move events" when I "snooze"them? ( you mentioned that you introduced recently an option to move events when you snooze them)

  • Thanks. And any idea if you will be able to fix my original problem - "reminder popups have ceased to function upon startup of my computer"?

  • the update is still pending from the chrome store, i am keeping an eye out for this issue for sure. try me in a week if there's no news.

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