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Brave preview window issue

Yesterday I notice issue in preview window in Brave in two different computers. In checker plus view emails are not stretched over complete window but only to half and I can scroll first half window but second half is blank.Till yesterday everything works fine and I didnt make any changes.


  • Also when I change skins in preview (before change confirmation) everything is OK, but when I confirm new skin, closing the preview window and open it again issue repeat.

  • edited about four months ago
  • It's a Chrome update that broke things, I have pushed a fix in the latest version - try reinstalling the extension to force the update.

  • I came to post the same issue, a quick uninstall/reinstall fixed it.


  • Well it had resolved the issue for a bit but it keeps showing up. Uninstall/reinstall will fix it for a bit, and then it happens again until I uninstall/reinstall again.

  • @ScottyB i suspect the issue is now intermittent after the latest fix attempt, if you could determine other clues to what triggers the issue, like number of unread emails or accounts thst could help me. I presume opening and closing the popup window can be used to test.

  • opening/closing does not seem to help.. what DOES help is if I switch to the INBOX in the checker menu, it will now use the enitre window. If I switch to another account then it will go back to the normal view and it will use the entire window without any of the extra space at the bottom.

    This will fix it for a bit, and then it comes back.

  • @ScottyB

    How many unread emails do you have?

    Are you using any skins or custom options?

  • I normally keep my inbox clean, it will show up with only a few emails.

    One thing I will need to check is the behavior when I have multiple unread emails from my different accounts. Currently I have 4 gmail accounts logged in at the same time.

  • ok tested and found this.

    It does not look like it happens when only one account has unread emails. If I have two accounts with unread emails THEN it happens.

    I have two accounts, each with one unread email and the issue is happening.

  • Its hard to detect what causing the issue.

    For me it happen and repeat after some time (maybe when inbox refresh) and when I open new tab or when I scroll between them. If I open new one and scroll between them constantly there isn't any issue. And issue is not connected with new and read emails. I also have two accounts.

  • Hello Everybody.

    I have similar issue. I don't remember if this white space on bottom is normal. But I think is not.

    Sometimes this white space is even bigger.

    I'm using Brave Version 0.67.125

  • Updating...

    The white space seems to increase when unread mails increase...

  • @ScottyB Can you confirm if this is related to the Brave browser? have you tried it on Chrome.

    @Fred Silva There will always be some white space, there are 2 sizes to the popup, a minimum size and a maximum size which you both captured in your screenshots.

  • @Jason I changed the Display Densit, but the issue still on all options.

    This picture shows white space:

    But after click on "three button Menu" on second account, the windows become normal:

  • @ScottyB @Fred Silva

    Can reinstall the extension to force v21.6.8 and let me know if you still get mini scrollbar on the rightside, note you must have more than 4 unread emails.

  • ok great, I installed and verified I am on v21.6.8 now. I will check the behavor after some emails have shown up.

    thanks for the help!

  • edited about four months ago

    @ScottyB fyi just a little trick, you can go into gmail and check 4+ emails and mark as them as unread to speed up the test.

  • ok I did that, and the issue is still happening :(

  • edited about four months ago

    @ScottyB hmm, weird, I even tested with Brave and several unread emails with no problem. Do you have the latest Brave version 0.67.125

    Can you send me a screenshot of the issue just to validate, you can blur out any personal info.

  • somethign else I found, not sure if it will help

    1. see the issue happening
    2. under the options, switch to Google Inbox, issue goes away and see the inbox display
    3. click on a different account and go back to the regular view and the issue is not visable.
    4. close the window and reopen the window
    5. still in google Inbox, toggle back to the Checker Pus view, issue is sitll not visable
    6. close the extention
    7. open the extention back up and see the issue once again

    It seems that toggling to Google Inbox view will resolve the issue, but it will come back if you go back to the Gmail Checker view

  • Here is a screenshot

  • Hello @Jason.

    Same here. Issue still.

    Brave: Versão 0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

  • @Fred Silva @ScottyB

    ok i pushed another update to v21.6.9 give it a reinstall to force it.

  • @Jason

    Apparently the problem is gone... I will watch during the day.

  • so far so good, I will let you know if it pops up again

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