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[Error] Unreginized manifest key (extention overview pag)

I had issues with the calender plugin, which i have more often when im botting and the browser loads before wifi is connected. It will keep showing "Your offline"

But this report is about an error i saw when i looked at the extention overview page. See attached screengrab.

Its from the Drive extention. Im using osx 10.11.6 and chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Ps extention works as normal by the way


  • So that particular gcm line is just warning and it's fine to ignore it.

    If you can give me more details on how to reproduce the calendar offline issue i can try exploring it.

  • Well it happens quite a lot. I shutdown on OSX using the function to reopen all windows which were open. Sometimes chrome is faster open than the wifi is connected. This results in this error and it wont refresh if i press the refresh button. Revoking access or grant access again doesnt help. Only thing which helps is either restart or log out and back in. Perhaps restart of Chrome helps as well, but if i got tabs open i dont want that. I can howevr in Chrome use the function "reopen last tabs", but i guess many users dont know this.

    What would be better if the refresh could check the connection. It somehow looks it cant check the connection or so.

    Perhaps i should have checked web dev and see what this was giving as output. I guess it would say "cant reach server orso".

  • ok thanks for the details i'll look into it.

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