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[Error] Unreginized manifest key (extention overview pag)

I had issues with the calender plugin, which i have more often when im botting and the browser loads before wifi is connected. It will keep showing "Your offline"

But this report is about an error i saw when i looked at the extention overview page. See attached screengrab.

Its from the Drive extention. Im using osx 10.11.6 and chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Ps extention works as normal by the way


  • So that particular gcm line is just warning and it's fine to ignore it.

    If you can give me more details on how to reproduce the calendar offline issue i can try exploring it.

  • Well it happens quite a lot. I shutdown on OSX using the function to reopen all windows which were open. Sometimes chrome is faster open than the wifi is connected. This results in this error and it wont refresh if i press the refresh button. Revoking access or grant access again doesnt help. Only thing which helps is either restart or log out and back in. Perhaps restart of Chrome helps as well, but if i got tabs open i dont want that. I can howevr in Chrome use the function "reopen last tabs", but i guess many users dont know this.

    What would be better if the refresh could check the connection. It somehow looks it cant check the connection or so.

    Perhaps i should have checked web dev and see what this was giving as output. I guess it would say "cant reach server orso".

  • ok thanks for the details i'll look into it.

  • I could not replicate the offline issue on Mac, with calendar ext version 25.1.11 can you try reinstalling to that version and see if still happens and explain the exact steps to replicate.

  • Ill try that version, currently i have v25.1.8

    It happens when you "reopen windows" ON in OSX. This will open all windows when you restart or start the Mac. Since a lot is happening, something Chrome is open before Wifi has connection. That is the issue i think, but the refresh button in the extension/plugin doesnt do anything still it keeps returning offline. What is weird that it also does that even when the connection is working. Seems like the refresh is somehow influenced by data from old function. It doesnt seem to really check if connection is live.

  • PS should auto update orso, i checked extension store and there it says v26

  • Okay installed v26 and get this error on first open

  • Second try i still see the "offline" window popup

  • PS that first error seems some issue with popup.js

    Here's a better view of that error

    also saved it if that helps

  • can you try visiting this page when you do the tests that create the issue and tell me what it says

  • Okay, ill try to remember it if happens again :) At work the wifi has connection before Chrome has started. At home Chrome is started before Wifi makes connection. Hope this is clear what im trying to explain

  • But im not sure it will help though. Normally when this helps, all pages load just fine, its the extension which still thinks it's offline. When the message shows "Offline" eveything works in Chrome win context to loading pages and reloading.

  • Ok I understand the situation just difficult to test, i've updated the extension to v26.0.1 to avoid the error you're seeing and just display offline instead. you can reinstall to force it if you want.

  • Hi Jason, i had the issue again and tried your link with the wifi test. It shows offline, however i can browser just fine. I can open pages, load site, do google searches everything. So im not sure if that test works properly

  • Ok as i suspected the code is saying you're offline, do you have the latest standard osx and Chrome?

    I presume you got the offline message in my extension, were you able to to refresh to get it working again?

  • Well i also noticed that there was a new Chrome update so perhaps that was causing the issue. Perhaps it was updating in the background causing that to fail.

    Normally when this shows, refreshing doesnt help neither. It will keep showing the small popup "offline". Ill check it again if it occurse again.

    PS i was on v26.0 ill update the extension as well

  • He Jason, hope all is well.

    I wanted to report the same issue again. Im running v26.0.4 and Chrome is up to date. I see the same offline popup and the link you send me shows OFFLINE as well. How ever everything else using a browser work just fine, just like earlier.

  • So the question is what can trigger the browser so that link returns online instead.

    is it to wait a little longer after the startup?

  • I dont know, im not really into backend coding. What i find strange is that other parts like loading, browser, searching seems to work just fine. Yet this extension and that link, think they are offline. The weird things is that the link still shows offline even when ive visited new site and done web work, dont understand that.

    Does it perhaps use a special function to check if its online?

  • It uses this https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/NavigatorOnLine/onLine

    if it's failing then it should be reported to the browser team, unless you have something configured, or installed or extension that is interfering.

  • I did just found this stackflow thread, a couple state that "Navigator.online" is not trust wordy?

    Alo found this, but i guess you know this ofcourse


  • Okay you posted the same link in the meantime ;)

    I dont think i can help in this part, im not a coder. just know some medium HTML and CSS and a bit of python

  • The other issue is I haven't been able to replicate this on a mac here and no one else is reporting this issue.

  • Serious, okay... hmmm Ill see if i can do perhaps a bit of research on this issue. Perhaps it can help you

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