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Notification popup buttons not working properly in Opera


I am using Checker Plus in Opera with the Chrome extension available, and works great, except for a little issue on the Notification popup. When I press any button there (Delete or Mark as Read in my case), instead of doing the action, it is opening the mail message in gmail, as if i had pressed anywhere else on the Notification popup. Not sure if there is anything you can do under this setup.



  • Have you tried from a fresh extension install without changing the options to see if works out of the box.

  • I just tried as requested. Same thing happens. Pressing on one of the action buttons opens the message in GMail

  • Have you tried other extensions that have those 2 other buttons and do they work correctly?

  • Only extensions that I have that use them are yours.

  • ok i'll investigate, thanks for reporting it.

  • Thanks. Let me know if you need any other specific tests, etc

  • ok i would seem opera does not fully support the 2 extra buttons, similar to Firefox. I'll have to completely hide them for Opera users until they support it.

  • Makes sense. I was going to disable the buttons anyway for now, as they have no function as is. Thanks!

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