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screenshots are misaligned.


  • When I select the selected area option and pick my area, the image that appears seems mis aligned.

  • Does this issue happen for every capture type, ie. have you tried grab visible page?

    Do you have retina display or custom zoom settings?

  • It only happens in selected area. I have not tried it on visible page

    No retina display. It's a cheap tcl 32 inch TV No custom zoom setting. But it's a 2nd monitor to my laptop.

  • Can you test if it works with the other captures.. or if just via the laptop directly.

  • I tried the same thing on google chrome, it works fine. Looks like its only on mozilla

  • ok thanks i'll open it up and investigate, thanks.

  • I recently started experiencing the same issue. I routinely use the Select tool to screenshot a portion of the screen. Worked perfectly, until recently when the result started shifting to the left or to the top, so I don't capture everything I need.

    Using Chrome OS Version 77.0.3865.105 (Official Build) (64-bit). Tried on several machines (all Chrome OS) with the same result.

  • edited October 2019

    @Debbie Sonntag I wonder if this a Chrome OS only issue. Do all the different screen grabs result in the same issue?

  • Yes, they do. We operate on Chrome OS exclusively, so I am unable to test in a Windows or Mac environment.

  • Works fine in chrome for me. Just Mozilla having the issue. But I don't use chrome os, I use Windows 10 with chrome downloaded.

  • @Debbie Sonntag You said the issue just started happening? Have you changed any zoom settings in your Chrome or used any new extensions?

  • Could other extensions interfer with this one?

  • @Daniel Amaldas In theory yes, extensions can manipulate Chrome settings and storage all of which impact other extensions.

  • Same issue today. Captured "entire visible" area, and then during edit and save, the screenshot is lined all the way to the right of my computer screen.

    I am using a cheap Acer laptop, running windows 10, using Firefox/Mozilla.

  • side note* contributions made via paypal

  • @JenniferDurow Does the issue happen with the other capture methods? ie. Select area or Visible page

  • edited April 2020

    This happens to me too. I do not know if it is a separate issue. Selecting an area from the screen works just fine but when trying to crop it to an exact size (and after well selecting it) the bottom right corner disappears. I select from top left to bottom right corner.

    Then after trying to crop to exact size

    This is what I get :-(

    BTW I'm using Firefox 75.0 (64-bit) and Win10 with 3 monitors environment.

    The issue appears on monitor 1 where I work with the browser.


  • @Chaves Pinto ok i'll investigate this, although from what you're saying it seems only related to the crop tool and possibly only on Firefox.

  • Hi Jason.

    It also does not work with Vivaldi.

    check this:

    I did not even croped it. just selected an area from top left corner (your photo) containing all forum extensions with the number of threads.

    That image was what I've got.

    Hope you can fix this.


  • @Chaves Pinto This might be caused by zoom at the OS, browser or page level, or from multiple screens, would you be able to determine which one?

    Have you tried in Chrome to see if the issue exists.

  • Hi Jason.

    Jason said> Have you tried in Chrome to see if the issue exists

    It works fine in Chrome as you can see.

    I started with this area

    and then cropped it to the previous size.

    This was done in my third monitor.

    I have a setup of 1-2-3 and a 4th above the 3rd

    Vivaldi is based on Chrome I think... or is it Chromium?

    I don't know.

    Still works fine with Chrome in the 4th monitor,

    cropped the size it was supposed to do.

    Just an issue.

    If not a full screen window the remaining buttons don't appear. This is an half screen window with a black background. Maybe use smaller buttons or just icons with an on mouse over tooltip.

    Jason said> or from multiple screens, would you be able to determine which one?

    I'll try to check it on a laptop and update the info. Right now I do not have any desktop with just a monitor.


  • @Chaves Pinto

    So unfortunately even though there based on chromium there are differences that cause issues such as this one, that's why i only officially support chrome and firefox. Although firefox has also been creating issues with zooming.

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