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Instant copy screenshot


most of the times I need to send an area of my screen as screenshot in a mail. Is it possible to instantly copy the selected area into clipboard so I can insert it into a new mail?

Having to open the editor, clicking finished, copying the image, closing the editor is too much hassle for me when I have to do it a lot of times every day ...




  • Hmm I'm open to suggestions, I have added other quick actions in the option... perhaps I can add copy to clipboard?

  • Sounds good 👍

  • Ah I just realized copy to clipboard actions must be done upon direct user action (probably for security issues)

    So one shortcut trick I use is after grabbing a screen selection, I just right click on the image and click copy image (it saves one step of clicking the Done button)

  • I see, thanks!

  • What about doing it on a key combo? Is that enough user interaction to get past the permissions issue?

    Right now I have Ctrl+Shift+P mapped to take a screenshot which is freaking awesome. I'd love to be able to then hit Ctrl+Shift+C and have it dump into the clipboard.

  • @Chris Hynes I tried someone in the past with no luck, I believe I would also have to increase the permissions which I don't like doing, as Google is clamping down on excessive permissions.

  • edited March 2020

    Thanks for the quick response! I hacked around a bit in editor.js in the debugger just to see if it was possible to push text. Seems to work like this using navigator.clipboard...

    $("#zoomIn").click(function() {

    changeZoom(1.5, 0.66666666);

    navigator.clipboard.writeText("text test");


    Just overloading in debug mode to see if it works from the extension... and it seems to work with no permissions dialog or anything as long as its being called from the active tab -- https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2018/03/clipboardapi mentions the active tab gets write automatically.

    They didn't have clipboard image support for a very long time but it was finally added in Chrome 76: https://web.dev/image-support-for-async-clipboard/#images

    Maybe it's now possible? :-D

  • Great research, I do recall examining this limitation in the past, I will reopen a ticket to investigate it again, thank you.

  • @Chris Hynes Good news v10 has the one click to copy now and the After grab option of Copy to clipboard, thank both for the suggestions.

  • Awesome, that's super useful and saves a ton of steps!

    Explain and Send Screenshots is the missing piece that let me use my Chromebook when I need to capture and/or annotate. I spent hours looking at other tools before I found it and nothing else works on Chromebook -- either weird Android apps or not supported on Chromebook period.

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