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Viewing 2 google email accounts on pop up window

Can anyone tell me how I can add another gmail account to the pop up window for checker. We just got our Asperger's son an email account & at one point I noticed, after creating it, on the mail checker was his account then mine on the bottom. When I went to check it on my computer only my gmail is visible. How can I add his gmail on checker so when I click on the little checker gmail icon in the chrome bar I see both accounts. Thanks in advance, Mrs. Dannie Casper. p.s. Yes, I did read all the FAQs & still can't get it to work.


  • edited May 2014
    Hmm so it should be auto-detecting, occasionally the cookies get erased which causes issues with the auto-detection, your best bet is to sign out and sign back into the 2 accounts.
    let me know how that goes. and afterwards we'll try walking through all the steps in this particular faq http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Gmail#Auto-detecting_signed_in_accounts
    (which you might have read but just reconfirming this one is the pertinent one to your situation)
  • Hi Jason - I did the sign in & out on both accounts but still not working. I'm in the process of re-reading the above mentioned "auto-detecting signed in accounts". I do need to go pick our son up at school, then speech therapy, then will be back at my computer thereafter. I will check back with you later. Is that okay? Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Our son is so excited to have his own gmail, but being that he's only 14 & Asperger's at that, I need to keep a check on things. Chat soon. Dannie
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