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Ignored appointments are no longer ignored


This has started yesterday. All of a sudden, all of my ignored appointments (appointments I answered "No" to), are no longer marked as ignored in the checker's quick view, or full view, and notifications are being popped up. They are marked as ignored (crossed out) in the Google's own calendar view though. Before yesterday, things were working smooth, and I've never had any popups for ignored appointments...

Is this a fluke? There was a new upgrade released yesterday, I figure might be related...


  • Thank you very much for the excellent details!

    I found the issue immediately because you determined it was related to the declined appointments.

    Such issues can take forever to figure out. I have just pushed a fix to v25.1.7 you can force it by reinstalling the extension or wait for the automatic update.

    Luckily only 5% got the last update, as a precaution I push changes to small amounts of users so issues like this can be found and fixed without affecting all my users.

  • Thank you for such a quick response.

    I've updated the extension, confirming the newer version has been loaded, and the problem is gone. The declined appointments show as crossed-out, and alerts do not pop up for them.

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