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Checker for Google TASKS

Jason, there is no one more or less qualitative extension to check Google tasks. Taking into account the quality and experience of your work, no one except you will be able to implement it at the highest level. A huge request please Consider my proposal. I think all your users will be immensely grateful to you. Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Jason, I'm also desperate to see a good extension to complement Google Tasks. No longer able to print that list, to see chronology of the completed tasks (aka my boss checking up on my productivity LOL). I had New Tab to Tasks in the past, which was soooo useful. No longer working. Deeply upset to no longer be able to have something to help me with this. If you can, this would be such a great tool!!!

  • I would also love a google Task extension of your high quality. I would also like to see task integration into your other extensions, particularly calendar.

  • edited June 2020

    Hi Jason, I´m aware of the issue around adding Google Tasks to Checkers Plus for Google Calendar. Are you still considering developing this feature? Thank you.

  • @RicardoYoule If I find myself using Google tasks, I may take the route, but right now I'm satisfied with Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Reminders.

  • Until Jason tackles Tasks, I find TaskBoard (A-) and Checklist for Google Tasks(B) okay.

    Jason, would you consider adding tasks to the google Calendar pop out, as they are in the normal Google Calendar?

  • @John Foley I'm reticent to add google tasks because chrome has strict rules that extensions must serve a single purpose and it may be overreaching to also start handling tasks.

  • @Jason Got ya. I just emailed you about my post.

  • Jason,

    I love using Checker for Google Calender, but I need a way to get ANYONE'S tasks to appear in the calendar and be tasks that I can check off. I'm unfortunately getting older and my memory is beginning to slip so this is becoming a critical need. I refer to your calendar every day, all day so having it there would be optimal. However, it sounds like you don't really have any interest in supporting tasks. Is that correct? I see you use Reminders, but those aren't tasks and don't support subtasks. Is there some path that will get checkable tasks into Checker for Google Calendar? Todoist gets their tasks into Google Calendar and they show up in CfGC, but only as events that can't be checked.

  • @Rich Heimlich Good news I'm currently beta testing the tasks integration into my calendar extension.

  • @Jason That's FANTASTIC news. I'm going crazy looking for solutions. FWIW, I spent a career in QA (owned the largest QA company in the games industry for 20 years) so if you want testers, I'm not the worst one you could have. hehe

  • That's great news, Jason. My prayers did not go unnoticed.

  • @Jason I read that you did the extension for Google Keep and Google Reminders as well.

    Where can I find them?

  • edited March 2021

    @Jimi Siliquini Lol, I wish I had all made all that, but alas those APIs do not exist for developers, please send me those articles so I can mark them as fake news.

  • @Jason wrote it in this chat above:


    June 2020

    @RicardoYoule If I find myself using Google tasks, I may take the route, but right now I'm satisfied with Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Reminders.

  • @Jason

    I am very sorry that you have not been able to develop these apps.

    The other apps are super cool

  • @Jimi Siliquini Ah, that simply stated I personally used them as a service, but not explicitly via extensions, note that I don't actually use Google Reminders myself, I find Google Calendar has now bloated the system with Events, Reminders, Tasks and Goals. I liked it when I clicked the big red + and would simply create an event on my calendar.

  • edited April 2021

    @Rich Heimlich I am beta testing Google Task integration into my calendar extension for a subset of users, here's how you can test it out:

    1) Force extension update to v27.5.3.1 https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    2) Select the Tasks calendar from the extension popup window https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • @jason Thanks. I'm set up. The API limitation on time is so Google. Could be years before they fix that, if ever, or tomorrow.

    Already found something. I had a task set for April 2, 2021 and moved it to April 5th by clicking the task in your calendar pop-up, selecting the pencil Edit icon and then selecting the new date. It created the task on the 5th but left it on the 2nd as well. Clicking refresh in the pop-up didn't clear it. This is on my Chromebook (Asus C302 running 89.0.4389.95).

  • @Rich Heimlich Ok thanks, I wasn't able to replicate it, which calendar view are you using? month, week, agenda etc.

  • @jason Month view. I'd paste a screenshot but there's a ton of private info in there...

    I have a reddish/orange Tasks box checked and it's the only Tasks box to check so I assume that's you. I tried turning it off and on with no luck.

    Now this is interesting. I created a new task called "Test Task" and set it for today. I then repeated the process and moved IT from today to April 3. It moved and when it did, it moved the first task as well. Hmm.

  • @Jason I just tried to move the first task one day forward and it now moved with no problem. There's something up here but so far it's a mystery. Will keep poking.

  • @СтаниславСадыков @John Foley

    Good news I finally integrated Google Tasks into the calendar extension

    1) Force extension update the latest version https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

    2) Select the Tasks calendar from the extension popup window https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Visible_calendars_in_popup_window

  • If I edit a Task and change its date to a new, later date (say the next day) it doesn't update for quite some time. Google Calendar shows the update, but not Checker Plus. It keeps the task on the original date. I haven't yet found what finally causes the task to move later on.

  • edited April 2021

    @Rich Heimlich

    Yes that was a known disclaimer because the tasks API doesn't support realtime notifications (only the calendar events do currently)

    This means the polling is set every few hours for now, I may shorten this with time.

    Note if you change the task date within the extension, it of course will be immediately reflected everywhere.

  • Can you define "change the task date within the extension" because I thought this is what I'm doing. On my Chromebook I left the setup so that Checker Plus' calendar appears (not Google Calendar) and then click the Task line item. A pop-up appears and I click a pencil icon and then I click the date (next to a clock icon). I select the new date from the calendar that appears and return to main Checker Plus calendar. The task is still where it started.

  • @Rich Heimlich Hmm I was able to replicate the issue once with the popout extension calendar, then I restarted the extension and it was ok, weird, can you restart the browser and see if the you can still replicate the issue.

  • edited April 2021

    @Rich Heimlich Ok I found the issue, it's a caching issue with the Tasks API, i'm starting to discover this API is not as reliable as Google Calendar API, probably why I was hesitant to add tasks to my extension. Will be pushing an update soon...

  • Someday Google will do things as if they were professionals and someday I will grow wings and fly.

  • Ну слава Богу Джейсон

  • I am excited to see this, Jason. I hope this rabbit hole doesn't suck you in like a black hole. I will let you know if I notice anything. Thanks for all the work.

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