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Checker for Google TASKS

Jason, there is no one more or less qualitative extension to check Google tasks. Taking into account the quality and experience of your work, no one except you will be able to implement it at the highest level. A huge request please Consider my proposal. I think all your users will be immensely grateful to you. Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Jason, I'm also desperate to see a good extension to complement Google Tasks. No longer able to print that list, to see chronology of the completed tasks (aka my boss checking up on my productivity LOL). I had New Tab to Tasks in the past, which was soooo useful. No longer working. Deeply upset to no longer be able to have something to help me with this. If you can, this would be such a great tool!!!

  • I would also love a google Task extension of your high quality. I would also like to see task integration into your other extensions, particularly calendar.

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