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Unstable Browser

I object to being told I am using an unstable version of Chrome when, in fact, I am using the current, and completely up-to-date, version of Opera. Opera is a perfectly viable browser which happens to allow the installation of Chrome extensions. The author appears to be unaware of this. Uninstalled.


  • Opera may be stable for you, however, I've had a lot of experience with my Chrome extensions having issues with many different browsers that you state "happen" to allow Chrome extensions. I've developed Chrome extensions for almost a decade now and because I use the latest features they are usually slow or not existant in the other browsers. Note unless you experienced actual issues, you are quite welcome to continue using the extensions, it was simply a warning.

  • It is not just the extension which is the problem. If I visit your web page, or your forum, up pops a message telling me that I using an old version of Chrome, and providing me with a link to update Chrome. I do not need that. It would seem a fairly basic programming check to verify which browser is being used before generating spurious messages. I am aware that some browsers offer support for Chrome extension installation which is less than stable. Opera, however, is a widely used, properly developed and supported browser used by many people. It would do no harm to recognise that fact.

  • 99% of those visiting my website are my extension users, hence the warning.

  • Sorry, but that is no reason to ignore the rest of the world.

  • Trust me, for a developer it avoids lots of unnecessary support and back and forth only to find out the user was on Opera. I'm a single developer and I don't have the resources to manage exceptional issues so this is best way for me to manage my time and be productive while supporting 10 extensions.

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