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Read Messages in conversations not marked as read, and keep showing up as new messages.

I'm having an issue with conversations. When I get a new message as a part of a conversation and read it directly through Checker Plus, it initially marks it as read, but as soon as I leave the message (close Checker or read another message), I get a new message notification and I receive the same message I just read, as a new email. Only after about an hour does it stop doing this. Selecting "mark as read" doesn't change anything, not even when I choose mark all as read. I've become accustomed to this, but It's pretty annoying. It would be nice to fix this apparent bug.


  • Thanks for your quick response, Jason.

    I deactivated the conversations button on the Checker options for my account, as you suggested. When I get a new email that belongs to a conversation I'll let you know if that fixed the bug.

    I also checked that my Gmail account also has the conversations settings Off. What's wierd is that I deactivated conversations in Gmail a long time ago, but I'm still getting my emails grouped in conversations. Do you have any idea why that is?

    Thanks in advance.


  • I can't account for Gmail website issue, note you must set this for each account you have. Perhaps they are pushing people to group conversations.

  • Yeah, may be.

    BTW, I got a notification of your response to my previous message, and it showed up grouped with the previous notifications.

    I read it through Checker and it marked it as read. It hasn't shown up as a new message yet, so I assume that the problem is solved.

    Thanks a lot!

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