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[Bug Fix] Checker not loading to correct account in Gmail main page

Sorry if this has been posted before, but it is an ongoing problem for me for a few months.

Chrome 75, Win10 ProN & Pro and Mac (so multiple PCs)

I am running Checker Plus for Gmail with about 9 addresses, 1 gmail but most Gmail-hosted other domains

When I click, via Checker Plus for Gmail, the account name (e.g,. user1@gmail.com), instead of opening the main gmail page to that account, I get a random account on my list (e.g, user4@domain.org). I ask to open Gmail to account #2 and I get account #7.

I can switch once in Gmail but it is a hassle.

I notice that the URL you use to open the account is something like:

hxxps://mail.google.com/mail/u/5/#inbox (note the h_xx_ps: edit to foil forum replacement)

I am guessing that URL tries to open account #5 (or whatever .../u/<number>/... is), but somehow #5 has changed meaning. And now points to what Checker Plus for Gmail thinks is user #8.

I suggest changing it to something more explicit.


That will send Gmail right to the desired email address, open the login page if needed, and then forward you to the inbox.

Notice "example@domain.com" is in the URL twice.



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