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I'm having issues loading my email signature

I Switched my account over to Manual Add to use the Signature button tool beside the email in the Options > Accounts but when I sign back into to my two email accounts and I keep getting the same account logging in two or three times. When I try to exit out of one of them, it gives me an error.


  • Try unchecking the problem accounts and re-adding them.

  • I've tried. It does the same thing. It works fine when you use 'USE CHROME SIGN IN' but that only pulls one email account. What's messing up is the 'GOOGLE ACCOUNTS SIGN IN' button.

  • Hope this is something that can be fixed, because I really like to products but need both my emails to work with signatures.

  • Ok have tried signing out of all your accounts, then re add them all.

  • Yes I've unchecked both emails on 'Add Accounts and stay signed in' and even went in and unchecked both emails on 'Auto-detect signed in accounts'. Now it will let me chose the accounts through 'GOOGLE ACCOUNTS SIGN IN' but they never pop up. Nothing happens now.

  • edited about six months ago

    Should I uninstall and reinstall the extension??? If so, I've signed up for monthly contribution, how do I keep that active?

  • What i meant by signing out is by going to the Gmail website and sign out there. Then yes try reinstalling the extension and add the accounts again.

    The features should return or else refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

  • Hi Jason, I was finally able to get it added. I had to log out of both of my gmail accounts and remove the extension from chrome. Then had to add the extension back and change the account option to 'Add Accounts and stay signed in' before logging back into my gmail accounts, then added the accounts back to the extension. Thanks for your help.

  • edited about six months ago

    Now that I've successfully added the accounts under Manual Add, where do I add my signatures? When I click the signature option, it just enables or disables the signature.

  • Nevermind, it looks like I had to disable and enable for it to work. Thanks for all your help.

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