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Do Not Disturb Doesn't Mute Notification Sounds

I may have missed this somewhere, but when I turn on my Do Not Disturb, it stops the desktop notifications from appearing, but the notification sounds still occur. This is a problem during meetings, etc.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or do I have to manually go in and turn off the sounds in Options every single time I'm on DND??


  • Is the notification sound definitely produced by my extension and not gmail native notifications. The dnd is programmed to mute sound and voice notifications.

  • It's definitely from the extension. I have sounds set up for 3 accounts and they still go off when the DND is on. I have to go into the options, first screen, and turn the sound notifications off when I do DND.

  • So can you manually set dnd right now and send yourself an email to repruduce the issue?

  • Ok, it seems to be working properly now. Not sure what the situation was. Thanks for your attention to this.

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