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Rich Text Notification Sound Settings

Is there a way to change the sound for Rich Notifications or does it inherit it from a setting somewhere in Firefox? I like the Rich Notification pop-up, however the sound it currently has I use for other types of alerts so it's confusing. I'm sure I'll get used to it but if there's a way to edit it, that would be great. I thought changing it in "Sound Notifications" would do the trick, but now I just get two sounds at once, lol.

I'm on a Mac, Firefox 67.0.4



  • Hmm this is the 1st I've heard that Firefox has it's own notification sounds or maybe its from your OS. Can you investigate your Mac settings for notification sounds?

  • I turned OFF "Play sound notifications" on Firefox and that seems to have done it. Strange though, on Chrome that settings is turned ON and I don't get an extra sound. Must be a browser thing. Thanks Jason! Great extension, btw!

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