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Comments not appearing as notifications

Hi Jason,

I am encountering an issue when I add comments on documents/files--the users I've shared the shared drive folder with are not able to receive my notifications. Attached is my current set-up. I have also tested this with my colleague and requested them to also mimic the same set-up I have for our shared drive folder.

The faded bell is on for both of us to allow us the notification as well. Still not receiving the notifications. Any tips is appreciated, thank you!


  • Hi Jason,

    In addition, the files I am uploading are not creating notifications as well.

  • Thanks for the details, however, the extension was designed for notification for file modifications, I can see that you are suggesting to have notifications for comments as well.

    Note that comment notifications can be done natively via the Drive options...

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the quick response. We did do this part already too when I tested out the comments section. I had both my colleagues and I checked off the same settings. Still no notifications. The only thing I can think off that we didn't do is restart our browser after installing the apps.

  • So for the comment notifications I'll have to suggest you contact google as those specific options are not related to my extension.

  • Hi Jason,

    Thank you for your assistance.

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