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Missing events in continuous view

Hi guys,

As the screen shot shows, Checker Plus for Google Calendar is "hiding" events in continuous view. In all other views (day, week, month, etc.), all events are properly shown. In the background of the screenshot (Google Calendar), you can see that there *are* events in August for most of my 8 Google calendars, but in Checker Plus, there appear to be none between July 18 and September 18. I've tried refreshing the view, restarting Chrome, restarting Windows ;-), but the issue persists. Not a deal breaker, since I can see events by switching to another view, but quite irritating.


  • Are you using any skins or themes?

    What happens if you select August in the month dropdown at the top?

  • Hi Jason,

    On the computer where I first saw the problem, I'm not using a skin. On this computer here, I'm using a cat image (does that count as "skin")?

    When I select August from the dropdown, it shows events from August 1st through the 21st. (And yes, there are more events later in August.) I checked what it does für July, and it's the same behavior (events shown from the 1st through the 21st).

    As "default" in "Agenda" view (or when clicking "today"), it shows events until July 17th, then a random event on September 19th, and then again events from March 2020.

    I'm not sure when the problem started, but it must have been recently, because I'm using Checker Plus a lot, and almost always in Agenda view. I'm not aware of having installed any additional Chrome extensions lately.

  • The issue is probably related to scrolling and the dynamic loading of events, I may have to suggest using the other views till I can figure this one out.

  • Thanks, Jason, I'll do just that! If there's anything I can do to help debug this, let me know!

  • So you can test by scrolling slowly and see if that makes a difference. Also i'm curious if the date limit of 21 is coincidence or not, as that might give me a hint.

  • I scrolled forward using the mouse wheel, very slowly. All the events showed up, no skipping. So there seems to be a problem with caching (?) events when scrolling quickly. Once all events have shown up properly (e.g., until the end of 2019), I can scroll quickly backward and forward again without "losing" events.

    I was curious what happens when I scroll back into the past. Even when I do this slowly, things get out of sync at some point. In the screenshot below, you can see that I scrolled back to February, but the events shown (26th through 30th) are from April. Moreover, the display of May events starts becoming weird; note that it seems to cut off any events before May 25th.

    I'll try to disable all Chrome extensions now, restart Chrome, and see if that restores proper behavior in Checker Plus for Google Calendar. Stay tuned.

  • So I disabled 19 of my 20 Chrome extensions (the one left was Checker Plus), made sure Chrome was completely shut down, and tried again scrolling through events. As observed before, scrolling forward in time works fine today; no "stutters" or missing events. Scrolling backward shows the same quirks, so I don't think it's one of my extensions that plays foul.

  • Final test for today: I emptied the cache and removed all the cookies. Checker Plus behavior is unchanged, though.

  • edited June 2019

    Ok great tests, I will conclude it's an asynchronous issue with the loading/scrolling events. i'll queue it for investigation and will use these notes, thank you.

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