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Quickly archiving email results in JS error


Checker Plus 21.6.2

OSX 10.14.5

Chrome 75.0.3770.100 (latest)

I often preview a mail in Gmail Checker, then hit 'e' to archive it.

Sometimes I do this before the message body has fully loaded all of the content (I get a lot of lengthy emails such as summarised server logs, but usually only want to read the first few lines).

This has not been a problem in the past but recently I've noticed it can generate a JS error...

TypeError: Cannot read property 'unreadCount' of undefined at updateUnreadCount (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:759:25) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:486:4 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at executeAction (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:452:9) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:1635:7 SEND FEEDBACK

Other times there is no error, but the preview panel becomes a bit out of sync (ie the email preview is still being shown, but unresponsive to input. I think the normal email list preview is underneath it).


  • Ok thank very much for the logs, I guess my new feedback button is working :)

    I'll queue this for fixing.

  • Just curious if you're still seeing this issue?

  • Hi Jason,

    Im seeing it less, mostly because I've learnt to move more slowly

    I did have it again recently, this time it was due to clicking the archive button twice rather than using keyboard shortcut. The first mail was archived and then the second unread mail appeared, at which point I clicked archive again...

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'unreadCount' of undefined at updateUnreadCount (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:756:25) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:483:4 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at executeAction (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:449:9) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/popup.js:1621:7 SEND FEEDBACK

  • Checker Plus 21.7

    Chrome 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • I also run into this issue while archiving emails quickly.

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