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Errors and crashing

I just reinstall checker plus for gmail to see if will fix the error and crash and still get the same thing.


  • edited about six months ago

    Can you send me screenshots of the error or use this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

    For crashing refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Chrome_issues

  • Google Calendar crashed so, I think that's likely what's been affecting the extension.

  • rror: timeout at initErrors (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/mailAccount.js:195:17) at Object.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/mailAccount.js:379:14) at fire (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/jquery.js:3305:31) at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/jquery.js:3435:7) at done (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/jquery.js:9244:14) at Object.abort (chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/jquery.js:8965:6) at chrome-extension://oeopbcgkkoapgobdbedcemjljbihmemj/js/jquery.js:9137:12

  • Timeout errors are related to intermittent network or Gmail connection issues, try again later.

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