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A little confused concerning the contribution "system"

edited June 2019 in General

OK, I like to support developers for their efforts as I am one myself, albeit a SQL Dev/DBA -- but still. So I can grok this, these are my question(s):

  1. If I contribute a one time payment (my preference), do I get to use the various products indefintely with the extra features, or does that require a "monthly subscription"?
  2. Are these contributions on a per extension basis, IE once for GMail Checker, once for Calendar Checker, etc.?
  3. I see that the monthly contribution option says "cancel anytime", but if you do does that mean your extensions revert to the basic "free" versions? This may be answered from question 1 above.

For what it's worth, I like what I see even if I have a few privacy concerns (I am naturally paranoid after working for the US Government for many years), and feel these could be real time saving extensions so any help is appreciated at this point.



  • edited June 2019

    Good questions.

    1. I've recently changed from one time to subscription based to cover server costs and increasing api usage and most importantly my daily maintenance and feature development.

    2. The 2nd option in the contribue page offers a slightly bigger monthly contribution that will unlock all the extra features of all extensions

    3. You can cancel anytime and the features will remain unlocked. I may change if people abuse it.

    Let me know what you think or what i can improve to better communicate this.

  • Hi Jason,

    OK, this makes sense from your view for sure. This is after all your business :)

    I will likely contribute monthly for at least 6 months, and may or may not continue after that depending on what expires in that time feature-wise and as it applies to my usability quotient (great term eh?). Is that fair enough?

    Also, do you have a privacy statement hereabouts I could read? My information has been compromised by many entities in the past, namely the U Government, the idiots who run Equifax and others, so it's important to me these days that I understand where the various entities I interact with stand on privacy and use of my information. I hope you understand :)


  • edited June 2019

    Totally understand, I also have to jump similar hurdles with google for security assessments.


  • Thanks again sir. Great apps (er, extensions) lol...

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