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New look for notifications

Well done - looks great - thanks!


  • Can you send me a screenshot of them, this might be a Chrome change.

  • i keep missing it but u nailed it - since went from 74 to Google Chrome is up to date

    Version 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Is there any way to change back to the old ones?

  • @GrantMorgan you can try googling chrome flags.

  • Let me start by thanking you for this addition for now in the verbal version and soon in a different form ;)

    And now, to the point, I think that something broke with the appearance of notification pop-ups and this is a new change: P

    It is a pity in my opinion the older the more transparent it was so severe, it's a pity i cant not go back to the older one :(

  • @KRISB This notification change is not my doing, it is the Chrome team that is testing the waters with this new look. If something is broken, please send me more details and screenshots.

  • @Jason Yeah you got it! There was an option for disabling new notification style. Thanks for advice

  • @Jason Hello again I understand the whole chrome, something must always screw up: P

    And for me, pop-up notifications now look like in the SS below a bit illegible is not you?


  • @GrantMorgan What is the name of the option you disabled?

  • @GrantMorgan Thanks, that worked! The new style was causing me to either not notice the notification popups or they simply weren't popping up at all...not sure which was the case.

  • @GrantMorgan OMG Thank You Very Much, now old the best style Notification back yeaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

  • Hello! I disabled the New Style Notification option, but nothing changed for me - I still get the small hard-to-read email notifications. Other solutions? Thank you!

  • You'll need to close and restart Chrome to apply the settings change. If you've already done that, it might be worth rebooting the computer.

  • Thank you :) After the reboot, the text looks better, but the notification window itself is still small.

  • Hello problem is back 5 min ago, now is not visible New Style Notification,Anyone have any idea how to fix it F* Chrome :(

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