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Extreme Contribution Conversion Friction - 11 minutes plus

Hi Jason-TY for developing. CRO issue UX report. I contributed today for Explain and Send Screenshots, through ~11 minutes of extreme conversion friction. Wanted to let you know so you don't lose cash through this process. If the Apple Pay conversion process is inherently frustrating and loaded to be as long as 11 minutes, or my experience is not unique, I recommend eliminating it as a pay option. I selected Apple Pay. Opened QR reader on iphone to scan QR code on computer. The CAPCHA process of selecting images went through at least 9 cycles of images and questions - while I'm confident I responded correctly to the first CAPCHA and multiple ones thereafter. Super super frustrating (I know that process sucks and you didn't design it). There were then multiple repetitive steps of payment/order# validation (which came first via email - switching to email created additional friction). After confirming an order multiple times, I got to the the end result = An email sent to a human that will verify my 11 minutes of time actually occurred. Basically, a laborious checkout that did not meet my needs of being able to immediately "unlock" the features.

Recommend CRO testing contribution process payment pathways to reduce abandonment, improve conversion and improve UX. Since you have other apps that look relevant, mistrust of conversion efficiency of one could have domino effect.

Thanks for developing the free app for the community. You deserve contributions...so taking time to share.


  • https://thegood.com/

    My recommendation for increasing $ - Conversion Rate Optimization across platforms.

  • Ok thanks for the feedback, I don't own a cellphone so very difficult to simulate, especially with iOS stuff mixed with credit cards, but i'll look into it.

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