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notification preview

did something change? im am seeing different preview of notifcation right now, like they are coming from windows, no buttons whatsoever that used to be there before


  • i actually took a part in that discussion back then aswell and yea

    it kinda look different since today then it used to tho thats what im asking the notification looks like this for me now

    it used to be much bigger, totaly different and with different color before

  • AEsAEs
    edited June 2019

    just got an exstension update is it something to do with my thing ?

  • Oh interesting look that does look different, are you using text or rich notifications in the extension options?

    And no the update was not related.

  • its the rich notification, with delete and mark as read buttons added

  • So Chrome might be rolling out this change on some users like yourself, i actually like the look, is it functional?

  • yea the mark as read and delete button works, but another things that i recently noticed- i am having 3 mail accounts logged in at the same time, sometimes if i get an email from lets say mail 1- and click it in order to see the full msg inisde the gmail, it opens the last logged mail account [mail 3] instead of the mail i clicked which is also weird. like its getting overwrite to enter a general view of mail 3, where as it should open a specific mail from account 1

  • oh yea ive just noticed Your checker had only 2 accounts logged in, but I was logged in to 3 in gmail itself, I added the third account, gonna see how it goes

  • Just want to report that I also see this new notification format after updating to Chrome 75. I like the look, but the message body preview seems to be cut to be shorter than before.

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