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Hiding one action button causes all to be hidden


1. Click the "Checker Plus for Gmail" button to display unread email messages.

2. Roll mouse over an unread email message. Six action buttons appear (archive, spam, trash, etc.)

3. Right-click the "Checker Plus for Gmail" button and choose "Options" from the context menu.

4. Click on the "Button" tab

5. Click on the "Mark as read" action button, causing the check mark to disappear (so that action button is hidden).

6. Repeat steps (1) and (2). Now none of the action buttons appear.

The action buttons are still there. They just fail to render. If I click in the empty space where one of the action buttons should appear, the desired action takes place. (Except for I have to guess at the location of each action button, so it's a bit of a game of Russian roulette!)

Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 on macOS 10.14.4


  • Ok thanks for detailed steps, however, I wasn't able to replicate the issue.

    Are you using any skins or themes, try disabling them.

    Have you tried restarting the browser.

    Send me a screenshot if the issue persists.

  • Yes, I tried restarting the browser and reinstalling Checker Plus. I'm not using any skins or themes.

    When I try to take a screen shot in the usual way, the mouse cursor and tooltips are hidden, which makes it hard to see the problem.

    Here's a photograph of my monitor. You can see that my mouse cursor is hovering over the invisible action buttons, and the tooltip for the "delete" action button is being displayed.

  • Ok thanks for the photo, can you also send me a screenshot of your button options page.

  • Hmm still can't replicate, do you have any other extensions installed?

    In the Popup window logs

    Right click anywhere in the popup > Inspect > Console tab

    and Send me the logs

  • I feed bad (and a little ridiculous) telling you this, but after living with this problem for weeks, it has suddenly disappeared. Thanks very much for your prompt attention. If the problem resurfaces, I'll post the logs here.

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