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Notifications for emails showing for other user even after closing session

I was logged onto a Chrome profile on another PC, the other PC has a different user who uses Checker Plus for Gmail too, and after closing my session that other PC is still, days later, showing my email notifications via windows 10 notifications. Quite annoying for the owner of the media PC, and also a little unsettling that even after logging out of that Chrome profile the notifications for my account are showing up with brief descriptions of the contents of my private emails on someone else's screen.


  • Which method are you using auto-detect or add manual stay signed in?

    More info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

  • I never gave it any thought, but I believe the checker uses auto detect for both on that PC. I just logged into my google account as a new chrome user and after it installed my extensions to my profile, your extension was setup automatically and was using my gmail within a minute.

  • edited June 2019

    In that case Checker Plus is signalling that you are indeed still signed into the account. You need to explicitly sign out of your Gmail account from the Gmail website.

  • So even though another instance and gmail session is closed, the still open checker instance on the other account and profile on Chrome is checking the no longer active or loaded profile's, email account? Why is checker loaded on the other account checking another account even after it's session has ended etc?

    Sorry for the questions, but it seems a bit odd to be forced to log out of an account not even running, even for days, so that another instance does not keep accessing something it doesn't or shouldn't have privileges to do so?

    Again, apologies for all the questions, they are not meant to be nasty or cheeky.

  • This would be a Chrome related question/issue. I have observed the behaviour also with another Chrome profile, it seems the way to close it for sure is to close all chrome then only open the profile you want to use.

  • Ok, it does seem odd considering how they bleat on about isolating even extension processes etc, I will make sure to log out completely in future.

    Thanks for the replies, and apologies for wasting your time, enjoy the rest of your day.

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