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Inherit Default Notifications

On Google Calendar, you're able to set default notifications for your events.

This will make Google Calendar add these notifications to a new event you create under this calendar. (This setting does nothing else otherwise, I tested to make sure.)

However, creating an event in the extension ignores this and just adds a notification for '0 days' with no way to specify the time. When you check the event in Google Calendar after creation, it does not have the default notifications attached to it.

What I would like is it either inheriting the defaults for the calendar (hiding the time if you feel there's no room for it), or it adding an entry like 'Copy calendar defaults' as one the first default notification when adding an event.


  • There is Google Calendar API shortfall in terms of precisely the all-day events and fetching their notifications. Note this was relatively a recent addition in Google Calendar. But timed events and their notification do work correctly in my extension as you have described above.

  • Well, your extension doesn't allow me to set the time I want the email notification to occur. I guess I could technically do '179 hours' instead of '1 week at 1pm'... or would it be 155 hours...?

    Plus, wouldn't I be reliant on the computer that runs the extension being on so this email can be triggered?

  • My extension was developed to rely on notifications rather than emails, but any email settings you choose will be saved on Google's servers and hence they will send them out as usual. So no my extension or the computer do not have to be running.

  • Interesting. I assume this email notification data is saved somewhere that is inaccessible to most users?

    Also, could you allow a time to be set?

  • Correct.

    As for time to be set, can you be more specific?

    You can uncheck "Detect time" and set your own time, or simply type in the time with the event name.

  • You don't set a time on all-day events on the calendar. Look at the notifications in the screenshot, you're able to specify a time you want to be reminded of an all-day event.

  • Ah sorry, unfortunately the same API limitation prevents me from fetching or settings those precise all-day reminders.

    Perhaps a future patch could be setting these all-day notification times separately in the extension, but I don't like duplicating such settings which confuse users, since everything is pretty much synced with Google Calendar settings.

  • That's a shame. Oh well, I'll manage.

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