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Real-Time Polling No More?

Hi Jason,

I have just moved to using Firefox (Only after I saw you have Firefox versions cause I wasn't leaving them behind!)

I haven't been getting timely notifications for Drive updates. I only just noticed that Real-Time wasn't an option.

Was that something you discontinued or is it something to do with firefox? In any case, I am wondering if it is part of the reason I haven't been getting regular notifications for file modifications.




  • Realtime is a Firefox issue, which I will be circumventing in a future update.

    For file notifications I usually point to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/File_notifications

    It sounds like the issue is intermittent for you?

  • Funnily enough, after FireFox updated just now when I opened it, I had a notification pop up for a file that was edited May 25th. That was the last time a file was edited by someone other than me so perhaps it's all good now. I'll know soon enough.

    Thanks for the reply and glad to hear you'll be making some fix on it. I figured it was more likely FF than the extension.

  • An update as I have let it be (and reinstalled now too) for a bit. I had a message from a friend that there was an update to one of my documents on my GDrive. In FF I have not had notifications coming up for changes. I've checked my settings and still nothing.

    So after seeing he'd messaged I gave it some time after opening FF (probably 10 minutes or so) then opened Chrome and immediately had notifications for the current doc with changes as well as the ones that had been edited in recent days.

    So basically, I'm not getting notifications in FF with the extension. I'm still thinking it's more an FF problem than anything but hoping you can help.

  • Was it working in FF before and just stopped recently?

    You've tried reinstalling the extension?

  • It has shown a notification perhaps twice since I switched to FF about a month ago. I did a re installation this morning and let it sit there. This was after I'd seen the notifications popup in Chrome, though... Not sure if that would clear anything. I didn't clear them in Chrome, just saw the popup as soon as it opened.

  • So i haven't updated the firefox extension in a while, so that rules out any breaking from me. Note that real-time is still not supported on firefox, what's your interval set at?

  • It's set at 5 minutes.

  • I wonder if it's a notification specific issue, if you open the Drive extension popup window and go to the Notifications do you see any files listed there?

  • When I first go to the Notifications section in the pop-up, there are no files listed. If I hit refresh, my entire drive shows up even though I only have one specific folder in my drive set to give notifications. If I hit the double check-mark, everything disappears. But hitting refresh brings the whole drive back to Notifications. None are bold like they become when I have an actual notification.

  • Ok i'll queue this for investigation, it's either Firefox specific or user configuration specific.

  • Thank you. Let me know what you need from me when the time comes. If I do more testing on my own I'll list the details here. Right now my configuration is as I have it showing in the screenshot above.

  • So once more, I popped open Chrome and immediately a file I'd been told had been modified that never showed up in notifications (after a few hours of FF being open) showed up with a notification this morning upon opening Chrome.

    I reset the followed folders in the FF version and remarked them for notification.

  • Today it worked for me. When I opened FF for the first time today I had a notification about the edited doc from yesterday. So I popped in under a different log in and made an edit. I just received that notification too, likely five minutes after making the edit.

  • Hmm I'm glad it's working, just to note that I haven't done any changes on my side since you reported this issue.

  • It seems to be periodic only. I'm not sure what that is about.

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