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Real-Time Polling No More?

Hi Jason,

I have just moved to using Firefox (Only after I saw you have Firefox versions cause I wasn't leaving them behind!)

I haven't been getting timely notifications for Drive updates. I only just noticed that Real-Time wasn't an option.

Was that something you discontinued or is it something to do with firefox? In any case, I am wondering if it is part of the reason I haven't been getting regular notifications for file modifications.




  • Realtime is a Firefox issue, which I will be circumventing in a future update.

    For file notifications I usually point to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/File_notifications

    It sounds like the issue is intermittent for you?

  • Funnily enough, after FireFox updated just now when I opened it, I had a notification pop up for a file that was edited May 25th. That was the last time a file was edited by someone other than me so perhaps it's all good now. I'll know soon enough.

    Thanks for the reply and glad to hear you'll be making some fix on it. I figured it was more likely FF than the extension.

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