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How to use DND during calendar event?

Hi all!

There is a feature which allows to automatically turn DND mode during calendar event or a meeting.

But how exactly do I use it? Is it about Google calendar events? Which event should I create so extension can see it?


  • Use this option in the Gmail extension...

  • edited May 2019

    I saw it, but when I check it - nothing happens.

    My goal is to connect DND to a certain events from Google calendar. How can this be done?

  • edited May 2019

    Do you have my Checker Plus for Google Calendar extension installed?

    During every event it should set DND in your Gmail extension for the duration of every event.

  • I'll try, thanks! Not the best for my case, but I don't mind having DND during most parts of the day.

    Would be great to have some event filtering - by title and/or calendar title. I have a calendar for deep work and I need to turn notifications off for these specific events.

    Although it's not obvious that I have to have another extension to make this feature work. A help icon with explanation next to the option would save some time :)

  • Thanks for feedback, when checking the option, it should have presented you with the following prompt for the extension, did it not show?

  • Nope, without Checker Plus for Google Calendar it doesn't show anything. Maybe it's because I'm in Russian interface.


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