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Reply from button uses different font

I saw a post about this issue, but the resolutions didn't make sense....

How do I control the font for replies from the extension button, so that they are not different than my standard Gmail font?


  • Can you send me a screenshot for context?

    and have you tried the font skins or one of your own?

  • I don't think I can send you a screenshot, because the issue is not with what I see on my screen, but what with the recipient sees in the email they received. My emails are simply being sent with a different font than what's typically in Gmail. I suspect they are being sent in plain text, rather than HTML with my default Gmail settings. Does that clarify?

  • That is possible, thanks for clarification, have you tried switching between auto-detect and manual add - if that makes a difference? which are you using?

  • I'm using "Add account and stay signed in". I haven't switched it in a long time.

  • Ok thanks, if you can have a recipient send you back a screenshot of even the Show Original that would help. Does the issue happen when you reply to emails sent to yourself?

  • @Jason

    Ok, so at this point I'm willing to conclude I misinterpreted what was happening. My recipient was using Outlook at the time, and showed me the difference in-person between the Checker+ email, and another I had sent directly from Gmail. However, he later said that emails from other people suddenly had a different font too.

    I did a test from one Gmail account to another, and examined the Original messages. The fonts looked the same, and examining the encoding I found it's the same regardless whether I sent it from Gmail or Checker+.

    Is there anything else to look at or test? Or do we conclude this was an Outlook issue?

  • Outlook issue! works for me :)

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