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Archiving 1 of 2 similar emails fails

If I receive 2 emails successively with same / similar subject or sender (i.e. 2 separate emails from same sender but with different attachment or body), if I click on the archive or mark as read button via the preview option, it does not perform the selected action.
I have to log into gmail to do this.


  • Is this relevant to you 
    • There are known issues if you have disabled the conversation view in your Gmail settings, try turning it back on.
  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes I have disabled the conversation view in Gmail settings indeed. If it's a known issue, do you know if there are any plans to fix it? If so are you able to provide ETA or even guesstimate?
    I personally don't like the conversation view in Gmail ^_^

  • Unfortunately this one is up to Gmail to fix in their feed, but there's been no sign of it.
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