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Bug: Certain replied-to mails don't get shown with the correct time stamp


I've noticed something strange:

When I reply a mail to my Gmail address, the thread (now 2 mails) ends up at the top of the list, in Gmail and in Checker Plus - as expected.

But when I reply a mail to a non-Gmail address that is then automatically forwarded to my Gmail address, the thread (now 2 mails) ends up at the top of the list ONLY in Gmail - Checker Plus still shows the thread with the time stamp of the original mail.

Looking forward to a fix. :)


  • Can you send me a screenshot next time for context. Thanks.

  • Hmm so can we repeat the issue with emails between me and you back and forth or do you think other conditions are coming into play.

  • edited about five months ago

    I just now tested it again with another email, and for that one Checker Plus shows things as it should... so we have 3 different outcomes for the same process within one hour. Not sure what to make of that...

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