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reminder pop up

I had a repeating event that had a notification at midnight every night. I deleted the recurring event and "all event occurrences" several days ago yet every morning I still get a new "calendar plus" notification for the deleted event. I've searched my calendar and it is not there, but I still get your pop up for it. Please advise.


  • Try double clicking the refresh button in the popup window then dismiss that event.

  • I am using your "rich notifications" so do not see a "refresh" button in the notification. See print screen below.

  • The double click the refresh button in this window...

  • OK, did that. Now I'll wait to see if it returns tomorrow morning, thanks!

  • Same thing today happened. Please let me know when you get a chance, thanks. Lucien

  • Is this event also still present in the popup window calendar view?

  • yes, it shows up in your drop down however it is not in my google calendar as I had deleted it several days ago. I just now deleted it from your drop down, say maybe that solved it??? Maybe your program wasn't syncing correctly with google calendar....

  • Can you make sure its syncing correctly, by adding test events via Google calendar and see if they show up in the dropdown window ?

    If they don't can you try revoking access in options .. accounts. .. and re-grant access.

  • The "test" events do show up in the drop down, and when I delete them from the calendar they are gone from the drop down, so it must have just been a kink with that one item....thanks!

  • It still popped up this morning as a notification and showed up again in you your drop down, but if you search my google calendar, it is not there.

    google calendar search

  • It showed up randomly? now that's a first, is this a regular calendar or shared or a tick tick calendar etc.?

  • Not randomly. I had it as a recurring event. I Deleted the event from my calendar 5-7 days ago. It comes back every day with a checker plus notification and it appears in your checker plus drop down. I deleted the event from the checker plus drop down yesterday, and as you can see in the screen shot, it is back today. It was originally created as an event in "google calendar", not ticktick, etc. and when you search google calendar, it is NOT there. Thanks.

  • and every time you delete the event in the extension, it returns?

    is this the only event giving you problems?

  • I've only deleted it once, will try it again today and see if it reappears tomorrow. This is the only event with this problem. I'll let you know tomorrow.

  • is it possible since it's a recurring event, that only one instance was deleted and that it actually might exist tomorrow in the extension calendar view?

  • no, I deleted all events in google calendar and also your extension asked the same question in which I deleted "all" occurrences.

  • It came back. See the pop up in the first screen shot below; and in the second screen shot it is back in your calendar drop down.

  • Really bizarre, i've never seen this, last resort it to reinstall the extension.

  • I'll give that a try and let you know, thanks!

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