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Push updates for calendar not working

Is there a way to debug/test push updates for calendar? If I make a change, like update time or delete an event, Checker Plus for Google Calendar does not update. I have to manually update.

If it matters, I used the Chrome option to add the account.


  • There is a very recent issue that i fixed in the the latest version 25.1 try reinstalling to force the update and test it again, the sync should be instant.

  • I only installed it this morning. It is version 25.1.

  • edited about ten months ago

    Try restarting the browser and do a test by modifying the time of an event in your main calendar, and let me know.

  • So I reset Chrome, then uninstalled it, rebooted, then reinstalled Chrome and then just your extension. Then I created a test event, that did not auto update/show in your extension. Then I did a refresh and then changed the test event time and did not auto update either.

  • What's your browser version?

    I just tested it and it's for working for me.

  • 74.0.3729.131 official build 64 bit

    Signed into a G Suite account.

  • Can you try double clicking the refresh button in the popup window? and see if that forces a resync.

    Afterwards can you send me the background error logs https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • How should I send them to you? Attach here? Email? Does it have sensitive information I need to scrub?

  • You can send them here if you don't see any sensitive info else to my email via the website .. about .. contact

  • I have what I think is the same problem. I move a calendar entry later in the day, but in the Checker Plus view of the calendar, it is in it's old timeslot, and hence I also get notification at the old time. I was wondering how often the Checker Plus extension polls my source calendar for updates? Or does a change in the source calendar trigger a push update to Checker Plus, not sure on the underlying mechanism...

  • @JamieHolland Are you using personal account or work account? Have you tried reinstalling the extension?

  • Work/GSuite account, not personal. I haven't reinstalled, but I only installed about 2 weeks ago? I'll try now...

  • @JamieHolland Any luck? My Work/GSuite account is also the one having problems so I'm wondering if there is some relation...

  • Just to say it works for us using Chrome version 74.0.3729.131 (64-bit) and a personal Google account.

    Tested changing some data in the existing calendar entry first. Opened the Facebook event and after clicking the Checker Plus icon it prompted us to update the event. We did and it updated the calendar entry as expected using the latest Facebook event data.

    We also tested deleting the Calendar entry (using Google calendar) and again clicking on Checker Plus within the Facebook event to recreate the event, although we had to refreshed the Checker Plus popup to get it in sync with Google Calendar first.

  • In my tests it only doesn't work at my work which has Enterprise G-Suite. And then, it works for some employees but not all. Haven't had any issues with my personal account.

  • @AnchalNigam I believe you told me at one point it was not working for your employees, but I guess since then you discovered it does work for some?

  • It works for some but not others. I can't figure out the reason or what sets them apart.

  • Yeah, seems to be much better now, since uninstall and reinstall of the extension. I've been on leave, but I will get a much better idea from Monday when I return to work.

  • In fact, I am pretty sure our company's support team found the issue I was facing. I will report back when I get confirmation from them.

  • Hello Jason, I work with AnchalNigam. I am looking into this issue as well. Can you provide any info on the mechanism that pushes the Calendar updates to the extension? I have this gmail.com account for which the extension gets pushes just fine and I also have a test GSuite environment that the extension is working in as well. It seems as though some configuration in our corporate environment is causing this issue, but need some help tracking it down. In our corporate envir. I have removed all the policies I see in chrome://policy and deleted my old Chrome config and then uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and reinstalled the Checker Plus for Google Calendar Extension and it still doesn't "push" the Google calendar changes to the extension. Is there any kind of debug or logs we can look at? I took a look at the extension logs you recommend gathering above and just watching the entries when I schedule a test meeting... in the one that works I see a poll server event following by a list of items being "Fetched"... in the one that doesn't work I never see that poll server event and no subsequent items being "Fetched" I would attach the logs here, but I'm not sure if they are visible to anyone reading this forum or not and I would rather not put our info out there for every one to see. Thanks

  • @Michael Capps So this is the API I use for push notifications https://developers.google.com/calendar/v3/push it's possible my server receives the specific error and subsequently there are no pushes to the extension. You're welcome to Google around if others are facing similar issues.

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