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Email notifications are not entering the Action Center in Windows 10 when automatically closed.

edited about three weeks ago in Checker Plus for Gmail

When I have the Chrome extension set up to automatically close notifications after 7 seconds, they aren't showing up in the Windows 10 Action Center after they close. On my home PC they are working correctly. I have tried reinstalling the extension but no dice. Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!


  • See if your Windows settings for Notifications > Chrome > "Show notifications in action center" is enabled... (ps i disabled them in my screenshot)

  • edited about three weeks ago

    Yup they were enabled. Here's my current settings for Chrome.

    I could try reinstalling Chrome next if there's nothing left to investigate extension wise.

  • Can you make sure you have the same extension version, sometimes updates are delayed.

  • Yup, I have version 21.5.10. I'll check my other PC version when I get home.

    I just reinstalled Chrome but it's still doing it. I also deleted the Chrome folders from my appdata just to be extra sure I nuked everything. This might be a Windows bug.

  • Try restarting the computer and also try...

    Enable Windows notifications and try turning it off and then on again: Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and action settings > Get notifications from apps and other senders


  • I have version 21.5.9 at home. This problem has been happening for months actually but I just thought I'd try to get it sorted out now.

    I tried toggling the notifications from apps and other senders setting but it didn't work. Here's something interesting though. It's happening at home too. It's happening for both my work and personal Gmail accounts on my home PC and work laptop.

  • ok I've figured out that my calendar extension can hide notifications into the action center, so I will add this to the queue for development for the Gmail extension probably as an option, as I don't think most users want this by default.

    Other thread on same topic: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/5021/checker-plus-gmail-notifications-and-windows-action-center#latest

  • Awesome, thanks a ton for looking into this! And sorry I thought this feature had already existed at one point.

  • Thank You. Been Waiting For So Long

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