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Feature request for context menu quick add to google calendar

Love the "Quick Add" feature!! It worked well the first time I tried it, but (first world problems):

1) it's not super easy to discover.. the context menu has Quick Add at the top but it's one of 32 options

2) it's a looooong way from where the mouse was when selecting the Calendar Plus context menu

I'd suggest that the context menu should be labeled "Add to Google Calendar" and it would immediately run your auto add, but pop the user into a window where they can review/adjust. you could put your branding into that window vs the context menu


  • I think I got the ideal solution, if a user selects text on a page I will only show the quick add option, else it will default to long 32 option list, sounds good?

  • ah that sounds right. I never even imagined using the right-click context menu if I hadn't selected any text.

  • And I'm the one that use many pages in my native language (Estonia) where date detection isn't that easy... So I select some content and right click and choose date and time from long menu... but now this is gone... Can it be configurable? I prefer choosing date and time

  • @MartLeet hmm ok i'll detect non-english languages and present them with the full menu (as previously) in the next update, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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