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Add repeat to edit event


It would be very useful to have an option to repeat an event like in the google calendar app!


  • Thanks for the feedback, due to the extensive options available for repeating events and the fact that's it's not the most frequently used action, ive decided to leave it to Google calendar. Should i get enough repeat requests, excuse the pun, then ill look into it.

  • All of my calendar entries need a weekly repeat enabled if it's not too troubling, since the website no longer has the repeat option -- in fact, the website no longer lets me add an entry. Thanks, and I loved your bloopers vid so you're not so scarey!

  • @HillelBatafik Hmm the website no longer lets you add entries sounds like a bigger issue, have you tried Google Calendar support.

  • Adding repeat feature would be awesome. I use it often. :D

  • Hi Jason,

    I agree - this is a very useful feature. I would consider it an essential element of any calendar application...

    Though I realise it's likely a lot of coding!

  • Yes, add the repeat feature, please. It's very essential.

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