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Certain Notifications Won't Work


For some reason, I have desktop and sound notifications turned on, and both my system volume and the extension volume is maxed out, but although the desktop notification works, the sound one doesn't. :/ I talked to someone else and they said that the same thing happened to them.


  • EDIT: The sound notification works when it pops up the first time (say if I click "test it" in the Options menu), but if it pops up a 2nd time, it doesn't work.
  • If you click the test it out beside the sound notification does work every time? try clicking it a few times at 2 second intervals
  • Yeah, it does. Sorry, I meant to say that the sound notification doesn't work the second time when I click "Test it out" for the Desktop Notifications.
  • I should note that when performing the test it out under the "Deskop notification" options, you will not hear a sound, but you should hear it when you actually receive a new email.
    Which sound are you using?
  • Okay.

    I tried it out on several, but the one I using right now is Ultranova.
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