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"Delete All" button and single emal delete button placement

So yea I know I'm not first mentioning this, but it's been a year after last request here about the "delete all messages" button. Would be really great to see this implemented. Not read, not archived...but all displayed unread messages to the trash. Everyone will praise you for that :)

Also regular button for deleting single email is too close to that grey bar (where my e-mail adress is shown). And when i woke up every day I found a few stupid e-mails such as shop deals, advertising and such, and while I'm trying to delete them one by one as fast as possible I'm accidentally hitting that grey bar which opens g-mail in the new tab. It's really annoying. So If implementing "delete all" button is too hard or too long process - at least can u just move the first message window a little down so it's easier to use and chance to hit grey button is minimal. thanks


  • edited about eight months ago

    So there was popular request for the Archive All button, which I recently added, but this is first time I see a request for Delete All. I'll take note of it. Have you tried the skins and themes https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Skins_and_Themes

    Because you could change the layout completely by making buttons bigger or adding more room between buttons and messages etc.

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