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Keyboard shortcut for refresh?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for refreshing the inbox? I couldn't find it after searching for Options and FAQ.


  • Can you tell me in which context? While using Chrome or while already inside the popup window?

  • It was while inside the popup window.

    Here's my use case for wanting to trigger refresh via keyboard:

    1. Login to a website that sends one-time password

    2. Open Checker Plus for Gmail popup via keyboard (defined in Chrome)

    3. At this point the popup is empty because the mail hasn't arrived, so I have to manually click the refresh button a couple times until the mail shows up. This is where I hope I can easily trigger refresh via keyboard.

    I repeat this multiple times daily so having a keyboard shortcut will be very helpful.

    Alternatively, if I can also refresh with keyboard while the popup is closed, it can also help with the above use case. I can just open the popup when I see there's a new mail after a refresh.

    Hope that explains it!

  • Ok thanks for the rundown, I could maybe add a global shortcut this way https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Keyboard_shortcuts

    or there is a right click on mail button in chrome toolbar and then the Refresh action (if that's quicker)

  • Having a global shortcut will be marvelous! The right click method is nice but it pales in speed compared to fingering the keyboard :/

  • Json thanks for implementing the feature! It works superb for me. Kudos!

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